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Become a Better Healer with Lynne McTaggart

  • 06/15/2019
  • Online

The one thing that is limiting your healing practice from having outstanding success

If you are a health practitioner or therapist, you ever wondered why some of your patients really improve and others don’t see any benefit at all? 

You probably think that the issue lies with them – their own healing challenge, as you have no doubt been working as hard as you could to make them well.

But what if it had to do with something more fundamental?  What if the limiting issue was your thoughts, and your patient’s thoughts and then the amplifying effect of them together?

That’s why Lynne McTaggart, internationally bestselling author ofThe Field,The Intention Experiment,The Power of Eightand well know intention ‘guru’ is holding a special three-part webinar on Zoom called ‘Become a Better Healer with the Power of Eight.’  In this special live series of three sessions, starting June 15, Lynne be sharing what she has discovered about how to transform your healing practice – and yourself.

For many years, Lynne has been studying the power of thoughts, and how thoughts are an actual ‘something’ with the capacity to change physical matter.  Every day she has more evidence of the extraordinary healing power of thoughts in a small Power of Eight group.

And what Lynne has now have demonstrated, over and over, is that your thoughts – particularly your innermost or unconscious thoughts – about your clients are affecting their rates of healing. 

Without your meaning to, your innermost judgments can unconsciously have a negative effect on your patients and their ability to heal.

Even your thoughts about a diagnosis could be helping or harming their progress.  This dynamic – your thoughts and their thoughts about their condition – are possibly the most important variable between success and failure.

For instance, did you know that

·      the most important aspect of your clients’ thoughts about his or her condition is to rehearse the day they will be completely well?
·      you may unconsciously be ‘hexing’ them by working out a probable course of the illness and treatment?
·      you can have a profound effect on what happens going forward changing their thoughts about the moment they first got the condition? 

The point is, even with modalities that claim not to use thoughts or intentions, you carry on thinking – and judging. 

But Lynne can teach you ways to turn those thoughts into a potent force for healing.

And there are ways to enlist your clients’ friends or family – or even your other patients - to create potent healing circle to greatly enhance the chances of success.

And if you book now, you can take advantage of our exclusive offer. Instead of paying $297, you pay just $222.30 for the three 90-minute webinars plus study materials. 


Lynne is going to meet me for a deeper discussion after the training on how WE as energy medicine and healing touch practitioners can use her modality in our practices.  We want to offer a chance for you to have your questions answered and also make this new tool especially useful for our group!   

Registration Link and LOTS more information here   

This special offer is through June 14th.  

If you’d like to take the only course of its kind to offer advanced intention techniques for practitioners in the healing professions, make sure to book TODAY.

Watch this preliminary interview here:


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