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    • 02/07/2022
    • (EST)
    • 02/02/2023
    • (EST)
    • Recorded

    “Tomorrow belongs to the people who plan for it today,” is a wise African proverb. And we would like to support you as a EMPA member in planning a great tomorrow for your practice!

    We have engaged the gentle, wise and very successful Authentic Business Coach George Kao to offer a customized planning intensive just for you! It will get you well on your way to having a plan for 2022 that you will enjoy implementing, and that is tailored specifically to your practice.

    Whether you are just starting out or are already established in your practice, George will help you create (or improve) your business plan, understand how to focus your energy on activities that matter the most (some are the opposite of what you usually hear), and learn about systems and processes to track your progress and grow your right-sized practice.

    Join George’s Authentic Business Planning for Healers: Strategy, Service and Success, and start 2022 with a vision and a plan that is truly you!

    Authentic Business Planning for Healers: Strategy, Service and Success

    You will receive:

    • The 75 minute recording and Q&A session
    • Transcript that you can download and save or print
    • Handouts/checklists to support you in your planning and follow-through

    Fee: $29 HTPA members, $39 public

    Please Note: HTPA virtual meetings, including this event, may be recorded. I acknowledge that by participating I give my consent to be recorded on the call and acknowledge that the recording is the property of HTPA and may be published. I acknowledge and agree to follow the HTPA Terms of UsePrivacy Policy, and Disclaimer while on the call and I acknowledge that the views expressed on the call are those of the individual participants and may not represent the views of HTPA or HTP. 

Past Events

11/14/2022 Free 5 Day Challenge to Get Clients During the Holiday
11/07/2022 Soul Gym: Start Creating Consistent, Authentic Content To Grow Your Practice with George Kao
10/10/2022 Foundations of the Hara with Amelia Vogler
09/24/2022 The Science of Healing: Energizing Whole Person Health
09/21/2022 Full Workshop - Huna for Healers - Secret Shamanic Wisdom to Transform your Practice
09/07/2022 Intro - Huna for Healers - Secret Shamanic Wisdom to Transform your Practice
08/02/2022 Futuring Through Your Gamma Brain State - Cyndi Dale
07/19/2022 Ask Anything Tech Call - Holly Kile
07/06/2022 Breathwork for Emotional Release, Gratitude & Self-Love
06/01/2022 Get on Camera with Confidence. Craft a Plan with Clarity.
04/19/2022 Ask Anything Tech Call - Holly Kile
04/04/2022 Discover the Divine Pathway to Activate Your Miracle Body - Cyndi Dale
02/14/2022 Resilient Relationships: Creating the Quantum Connection - with Mel Schwartz
02/03/2022 Empowered Empath - Wendy De Rosa Discussion + Q&A
01/19/2022 Ask Anything Tech Call with Holly Kile
01/11/2022 How to Use Breathwork to Create Massive Change and Overcome Challenges- Discussion with Jon Paul Crimi
12/09/2021 Authentic Business Planning for Healers: Strategy, Service and Success
11/16/2021 Transcend Anxiety: Embrace Uncertainty to Open Infinite Possibilities
10/21/2021 Ask Anything Tech Call with Holly Kile
10/21/2021 Ask Anything Tech Call with Holly Kile
10/14/2021 Healing Through The Vagus Nerve 5-Week Course
10/08/2021 Advanced Group Healing, part two of Complete Distance Healing Training
10/05/2021 Live Talk with Biofield Pioneer Dr. Shamini Jain
09/28/2021 FREE - Ethics in Energy Healing mini-series
09/21/2021 On-Demand: Polyvagal Theory for Healers
07/20/2021 Ask Anything Tech Calls with Holly Kile
07/07/2021 Complete Distance Healing Course-1 Begins
06/15/2021 Polyvagal for Healers: Tools and Theory to Improve Client Results.
05/18/2021 FREE WEBINAR: Create, Refine & Expand your Distance Healing Practice with Amelia Vogler
05/09/2021 Reducing stress with Neurographic Painting with Ingrid Reichenberger
03/17/2021 FREE TRAINING: The Hara Lines with Rita Marr
02/28/2021 Discovering your Spiritual Money Relationship with Amanda Strojny
01/05/2021 Time Management Training with George Kao
12/03/2020 Business Support: Tech 101 for Healers
12/02/2020 Free Webinar: The Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass 2021 with Lynne McTaggart
10/03/2020 The Intention Essentials with Lynne McTaggart
09/16/2020 Distance Healing Masterclass With Amelia Vogler
04/14/2020 Sounding and Breathwork to Center the Soul
01/29/2020 The Big Dream Program For Healing Practitioners
12/15/2019 Journey of the Mystic
10/23/2019 Storytelling for the Healing Practitioner
09/11/2019 Practice Support: Discover Your Ideal Client with Tad Hargrave
07/26/2019 Working with the 12 Archangels' COLORS OF LOVE: Healing Energy for the Renewal and Resurrection of the Divine Human Being
06/25/2019 Wake Up to Who You Long to Be with Dr. Rick Hanson
06/15/2019 Become a Better Healer with Lynne McTaggart
05/08/2019 Content Writing with George Kao!
01/09/2019 Ask and Receive - New Year, New Tool
09/19/2018 Paid Training: Synchronicity, Flow, and the Physics of Light for the Energy Practitioner
01/24/2018 Live like a Soul in the New Year with Debra Greene, Phd
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