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    • 09/16/2020
    • (CDT)
    • 10/07/2020
    • (CDT)
    • Online

    When we heard about Amelia Vogler's Distance Healing Masterclass, we really wanted to share it with you.

    She has a wonderful background for this class, coming from corporate training and engineering; she's an Healing Touch Certified Instructor, a natural intuitive, and more importantly, she's run (and grown) a successful distance practice for 8+ years.

    You already possess the right skills to provide energy medicine treatments, she's going to teach you how to transfer these skills from an in-person clinic to a distance one.

    Her goal is that you leave this class knowing everything you need know to move to an ETHICAL, LOVING, SAFE and HEART-CENTERED distance practice.  

    In this four evening masterclass, you will explore the research, the practice, and the experience of providing energy healing over a distance.

    See your email for more information.

    • 10/03/2020
    • (CDT)
    • 11/07/2020
    • (CST)
    • Online

    We recently heard that our dear friend, Lynne McTaggart, internationally bestselling author of The FieldThe Intention ExperimentThe Power of Eight and the world’s foremost intention ‘guru,’ is holding a special five-part live and interactive online course called ‘The Intention Essentials.’ 

    In this special series, Lynne will take you step by step through the foundations of intention and teach you how to harness and unleash your innate powers – for yourself or your practice.

    She’ll show you, for example:

    1. How you think about any goal in your life – even the language you use in your head about it – determines its success or failure. And that includes outcomes for your clients.  Even your private thoughts about a diagnosis could be helping or harming their progress. 
    2. This dynamic – your thoughts and their thoughts about their condition – are possibly the most important variable between success and failure.Intention is a secret force in the universe, but you need to understand and use it properly if it's going to transform your life and the lives of your patients.
    3. There’s an art and a science to harnessing yours and your patient’s thoughts to maximum effect – with tools most people haven’t learned, even if they’ve practiced other spiritual practices for decade.

    And making use of these simple techniques often spells the difference between success and failure. 

    Learn more about her Intention Essentials class

    Unlike many courses on the internet today, Intention Essentials is live and interactive.

    Over the five sessions starting October 3, you’ll enjoy a total of 10 hours of direct experience with Lynne, be able to ask questions directly, interact with Lynne and other course members, and enjoy experiential breakout groups.

    You have the most extraordinary power of all still locked inside of you.

    Let Lynne help you to unleash it by showing you how to turn your thoughts into a potent force for healing– of your life and the life of your clients!

    We have secured an extension to her early bird rate through August 30th!  That's about 20% off the full ticket price and you can find it through the link above!

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