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    • 07/26/2019
    • 12/31/2019
    • Online

    In this channeled class, author and messenger for the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, Belinda Womack, will offer rich and powerful tools to facilitate the lifting up of the deepest suffering locked in the subconscious caverns of the human vessel. Changing oneself from the inside out and letting LOVE flow in where it has been missing for far too long changes YOU and it changes the human collective for the better. Prepare to be completely saturated with true love and gratitude from the 12 Archangels and the Central Sun, the Source where we all come from! 

    Belinda Womack is a spiritual counselor, teacher and author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life. She has been channeling Angelic wisdom for over 25 years, working with the 12 Archangels, to support individuals, couples and families with seemingly impossible problems to solve. Please visit BelindaWomack.com to communicate with her or to sample the healing online and audio classes she offers, or to schedule a private session.

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