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Wake Up to Who You Long to Be with Dr. Rick Hanson

  • 06/25/2019
  • Online

In this webinar, we'll explore:

·        Why we suffer, and the blocks to living continuously and deeply in who we truly already are

·        Practical tips you can use right away to become more mindful, cultivate more kindness, and feel more confident and contented – in the life you already have

·        What could be happening in your brain when your mind is calm and clearloving and happy, and wide open and fully present

·        An outline of the 7 steps of "Neurodharma" for growing the deepest roots of the highest happiness

·        Answers to YOUR questions

If you are not able to watch live, you can send in any questions you want to submit for the Q&A by replying to this email, and the recording will be posted for you to watch at your convenience after the live event.

Event link provided to members.

Watch the video below to hear them speak about the techniques they’ll share, and  the wide range of physical, emotional and behavioral issues that can improve with vagus nerve regulation – including how they personally have benefitted from the work!

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