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Free Webinar: The Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass 2021 with Lynne McTaggart

  • 12/02/2020
  • Online

Lynne McTaggart’s annual course, The Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass 2021 is set to launch! This is a year-long course especially targeted to help people heal their lives through small group intention.

As part of the launch, Lynne will be hosting a live webinar specially for our community. She will be telling us all we need to know about The Intention Masterclass 2021, as well as how intention can help during the difficulty of recent times. We will also set some time aside for Q & A’s so be sure to prepare any questions that you may have!

Webinar information will be sent to members via email. 

Watch the video below to hear them speak about the techniques they’ll share, and  the wide range of physical, emotional and behavioral issues that can improve with vagus nerve regulation – including how they personally have benefitted from the work!

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