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Healing Through The Vagus Nerve 5-Week Course

  • 10/14/2021
  • onlne

Dear Katherine,

These times remain challenging in so many ways...for our clients, and for us as practitioners, too. Stress. Fear. Emotional strain. New trauma, and re-awakened old patterns. 

We’re fortunate as Energy Medicine practitioners to have special ways to help our clients.  

And, integrating new approaches and tools into our work can help us serve our clients even more deeply and with more lasting outcomes. 

We hosted a valuable webinar, Polyvagal Theory for Healers a while back. If you’ve already seen it, great! (And it’s still available if you want to review it againfor more pearls.)

If you missed it at the time, we now have the whole package available again - the 90-minute webinar plus slides and Q&A recording.Click here to access it  ($60 for non-members/ $50 for EMPA members.)

If you’re ready to go to the next level and bring even more healing to your clients, you will want to consider this: 

Healing Through the Vagus Nerve: Life Force & Nervous System Energetics

A 5-week course, starting October 14  is now 

Open for Registration! 

(Special $50 discount if you purchased the webinar)


Healing Through the Vagus Nerve is an advanced course for energy medicine practitioners and other energy-aware healthcare practitioners who want to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques for supporting their clients (and themselves!) based on the new science of Polyvagal Theory.  This information is the missing piece in your energy healing practice!

In this 5-week online and live-interaction course you will discover:

  • How to identify and work with the three primary survival states

  • The importance of a felt sense of safety and how to create that for clients

  • The many parts of the physical and energetic body that are involved in our survival states

  • How the vagus nerve may influence our behaviors

  • Twelve techniques to support a regulated nervous system and promote healthy flow

  • How to integrate Polyvagal Theory into your energy healing practice

  • And much more!

The course is skillfully and lovingly led by Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP/CBCP and Kristi Joy,HTCP/I, LMT, each of them methodical and effective instructors in addition to having both deep and broad clinical energy medicine experience. (See brief bios below.)

You can go on the web and you’ll see a lot of confusing (and often inaccurate) information about the Vagus nerve, interventions, and quick “hacks.”  

If you want deep, honest and practical information about how working with theVagus nerve helps your clients (and you!) with things from grounding, to relieving anxiety or panic attacks, to releasing decades-old trauma, and shifting chronic disease patterns, then you want to seriously consider this course. 

>> Learn More and Register Here! <<

Here’s what participants are saying:

“This course presents the science behind aspects of what happens to clients during energy sessions. The course is steeped in science and trauma-informed practice; supported by practical application and personal examples… Course participants come away with language, understanding and awareness of the polyvagal mechanisms involved with supporting clients on their wellness journey, which is an important piece of the energy medicine puzzle!

Gayla Meredith, BEd, HTCP, STCP

“This class is a must if you are an energy healer, coach, or facilitator in helping people create better lives. Trauma is pervasive in our lives from cradle to grave. You never know when memories will come up and you have to support somebody or yourself. This class will give you understanding of the nervous system, its response to stress, and how to move into a healthier state.  There are simple exercises to use for yourself and your clients. We can all create a safer world for all people. In doing so, we open the door for each of us to be our best selves and enjoy the best life possible.”

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS BHSP HTCPI NC-BC

How the course works

  • A combination of live calls and pre-recorded videos, a downloadableworkbook, activities and practices, and a community forum where you can gather virtually with other learners.

  • New module each week. You can work through the course content on your own schedule. The course is intentionally designed to be flexible and available in bite-sized pieces to make it easier to fit into busy schedules, and to avoid information overload.

  • Private Facebook Group for course participants only.  A great way to gather, ask questions, share and support one another through the program. Bonnie and Kristi are available, will answer questions in the group, and will do a live Q&A session each week to respond to questions and clarify what was covered in that week's coursework.

  • Ongoing access.  Because the material can be a lot to absorb, you will have ongoing access to the course AND Kristi and Bonnie are offering you the option to repeat the course with future cohorts at no additional charge!

  • Nursing CEs are available (additional $15 certificate fee) and have been approved for 21.25 contact hours credit.

Some great questions that you may have too!  

How will this course help me and my clients? What will it allow me to do with clients that I can’t do now?

For yourself: You’ll better understand your behaviors, feelings, patterns and relationships. Seeing yourself through the lens of Polyvagal Theory is empowering and helps you to have more self-compassion and understanding of others. You’ll also have tools to help you self-regulate from states of fear, trauma, or shutdown back to healthy, engaged nervous system states.

For your clients: With a solid grounding in Polyvagal Theory and how it relates to the energy system, you will see your clients and the healing process in a new light that will inform every step of your healing sessions. When clients understand the role of their survival system in their health, what they do, and how they feel, they are more motivated to take responsibility for their own healing process. And you will have the tools to give them to enable them to do just that!

Will you provide any hands-on practice? Will this be practical or just informational?

Every week we’ll be sharing two or three new techniques and exercises. All of them can be self-applied and that is how they are taught in the course. Several of the techniques can also be done hands-on for your clients.

After practicing on yourself, you’ll be able to teach or guide your clients through these practices. We encourage you to practice these tools during the week, and then bring your questions to the live Q&A. Every technique will be available as a downloadable video. This is about supporting healthier ways of functioning and helping clients shift out of stuck patterns.

What is the time commitment for this course?

Plan on approximately 4 hours per week for watching the videos, doing the practices and activities, and watching the Live Q&A.  Keep in mind that you will have ongoing access to the course content, so you are not limited to just the five weeks to absorb the material. We specifically chose the pre-recorded format so that you can take in the information at your own pace and easily go back to review.

Not sure yet if this course is for you? 

You can purchase the 90-minute recorded webinar, Polyvagal Theory for Healers, for an information-packed and practical introduction to this work. Buying the webinar gets you a $50 discount on the 5-week course, making the webinar free if you’re a member. Win-win!

Get The Webinar Package Here!

Meet Your Instructors:

Kristi Joy, HTCP/I, LMT is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts and meditation. She has a private energy healing and teaching practice specializing in helping kids, teens and adults with regulating the nervous system and having healthier energetic boundaries.


Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP/CBCP,has been an Energy Medicine practitioner and educator since 2006. She is always exploring the leading edge  on health and wellness to impove the well-being of her clients,family, and herself. She specializes in supporting clients  with managing stress states and working with emotional energy.

If you’re looking for a powerful and gentle way to work with some of your clients’ deep challenges - whether from ages ago or the age of Covid -  Healing Through the Vagus Nerve will give you knowledge and skills you can use to to help.   ❤️

Love and gratitude! Katherine


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